The Sloan Museumís Buick Gallery and Research Center in Flint MI has microfiche information that is available. This information gives all the original options of a specific car. They have information on all 1970 Flint models built August through November 1969, in addition to 1972 through 1980 models. They are missing the 2nd half of the 1970 model year in addition to all of the 1971 models. They may also have information from other plants. I would suggest contacting them at their Website. I hope this helps some of you involved in your own documentation.

The 'Car Order Form' is not an original copy. It was filled it in based upon the information contained on the Microfiche.

Microfiche Information: Build Sheet from MicroFiche     1970 GS455 Order Form: 1970 GS455 New Car Order Form